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Choose which platform to make website. This post to give to you ,who are webmasters, web seo, and even those who had to quit the company because posting website was too inconvenient. And to those of you who are web programming. This is quite a controversial issue in the world. Myself, my facebook has a lot of friends working on the website, so I would like to share my views after many years of taking over and administering the website.

If you noticed, now all are: license keys by year, by month, but almost will be not forever. The reason is simple: to develop must have money. So if you want the best, you should choose the ones with regular fees, because the person has to always change and they themselves always have fees to change. Of course if they don’t change, they will also be disqualified.


There are many website building platforms, the popular ones are:
PHP language: WordPress, joomla, opencart, magento .. self-coding php. -> this is the main foundation for now.
Java Language: Self-coding, and Google’s Blogger. -> this is only for super big websites, super huge database, many queries, security requirements
.v.v has a separate budget for the whole programming team. And blogger is a news website and small product introduction. Do it once and then almost alone, there is nothing he will update for you in the core.
Other languages: APS.net, MySQL. … Ruby. … .V.v.

– Advantages and disadvantages of platforms:

+ WordPress: The most popular web platform in the world today. deal with news websites, small and mid-sized e-commerce websites.
Vào tháng 7/2020 wordpress vươn lên tới gần 40% lượng website
In  7/2020 wordpress up to near 40%  website   https://w3techs.com/
I see that there is the simplest reason to use WordPress: that is, employees will not quit their jobs when assigned the task of posting on wordpress websites.
+ Joomla: this platform is less popular in Vietnam.
+Self-coding, : this is the foundation on which it has the highest priority as it is light, optimized for each goal. The downside is that depending on the code inside, it will take you quite a while to find a freelance code that is right for you. If they go or not, you find someone else to inherit. At that time, if you have no expertise, you do not know who to choose. When everyone says they are good.

– Which bases for choosing a website platform:


Your understanding of the web. How much control do you have and are you willing to spend money on a team of developers?

Why choose wordpress

1- Employees will not quit when managing it. Posting is as easy and straightforward as Word.
-> Will always be inherited by latecomers
2-A lot of programming supports this platform
3- Always updated according to the world, there are many free and paid options, how standards of Google or Facebook change, how will WordPress change?
4-Solves most of today’s website requests
5-Suitable for all types of fees: if necessary, it only takes hosting money into a hundred thousand dollars a year, if you need to invest, it is easy to hire develop to do so.
Disadvantages of wordpress also are often slower than the source code itself, possibly infected with malicious code, and security may be worse. However, this is rarely a risk if you regularly back up with a free plugin.

When to use Php or Java self-code:

– You understand that your bussiness is important to the web
– You have money for a permanent development team
– Or look for a self-coding company that’s worth your trust over the long term.
--> Remember to always pay more for them to research new things for you. The same goes for WordPress or any other platform. Basically with wordpress, there are many new standards you can see by yourself the world they upgrade

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