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8- 10 months

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  • < 170 key words.
  • 80% top  10
  • 30% top 5
  • Organic traffic on top 5 – 10
  • Information coverage 80%
  • Monthly report
  • Refund policy, warranty products



8- 10 Months

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  • 170 – 300 key words.
  • 100% top  10
  • 30% top 3
  • Organic traffic in top 3 – 5
  • Information coverage 100%
  • Monthly report
  • Refund policy, warranty products


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> 12 months

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  • No limit key words
  • 80% top 5
  • 50% top3
  • Organic traffic in top 1- 3
  • Information coverage 100%
  • Monthly report
  • Refund policy, warranty products

1.SEO Audit

Comprehensively check the health of the website, find the cause of the website problems

Commitment to increase traffic to the website, increase keyword rankings, high conversion rate.

2. SEO Onpage:

  • Keyword research and customer optimization
  • Optimize content for SEO
  • Optimize of data structure
  • Optimize of images
  • Optimize internal links
  • Optimize loading speed

3. SEO Offpage:

  • Advertising your post on social networks
  • Build safe satellite pages
  • PR posting on newspaper pages
  • Deploy Guest Post
  • Create outstanding content that attracts natural shares

4. SEO Technical:

  • Create Robot.txt file and XML sitemap
  • Fix technical errors inside the website
  • Handle duplicated data
  • Handling 404 errors, redirects
  • Convert Http to Https
  • Xử lý các vấn đề tiềm tàng có nguy cơ khiến website bị Google phạt

5. Content marketing

Create content that follows the principles of Inbound Marketing – Build lasting relationships with users with useful content. From there, convert traffic into quality leads.

6. Local SEO & Google map

  • Optimize Google My Business
  • Enterprise verification on google maps
  • Optimize  SEO for local keywords
  • Manage Google business reviews and review

7. Entity Building

Building and declaring a unified 3-way database: Website – Search engines – Internet helps increase the reputation of corporate brand on Internett

2. SEO Onpage:

  • Nghiên cứu từ khóa và tối ưu hành trình khách hàng
  • Optimize SEO content
  • Optimize infomation structure
  • Optimize Images
  • Optimize internal link
  • Otptimize page load speed

Ceo: Ngô Hải Long

Since 2011, Mr. Long has been attached to seo profession. Always focus on content and technique (dev team) as the main foundation for seo websites in the future!

Mr Chuyên- Chief Technical Officer

As a key member, programmer specializing in php – javascript, making application on many platforms prestashop, Shoptify, React Native- Mr. Ngo Hai Long’s classmate

Bùi Thùy Linh – Content Manager

Graduated from FPT University, but she l has passion with business and content. Years as a tester at FPT. Personality: careful and precise. She is a precise and creative Seoer..

Mr. Ngô Hải Long

CEO, SEO – Marketing Manager

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